Sisley Spa®

The luxurious spa has four treatment cabins, one of which is for two people, an elegant mosaic hammam and a luminous relaxation area. Openings onto the garden invite you to contemplate and let go in this intimate and enveloping atmosphere.

Entrusted to the prestigious care and cosmetics brand Sisley, the spa offers massages and hammam. Facial and body treatments, for a pure moment of relaxation.

Concept & Philosophy

Discovering Sisley Phyto-Aromatic Care means first of all immersing yourself in the sensory world of an exceptional brand, recognized for the extreme quality of its care products and their incomparable effectiveness.

It is then to benefit from the unique know-how and experience of a top-of-the-range brand known for using the best natural plant extracts and essential oils.

Thus, massage rituals from all over the world, elaborated from local traditions, combine with the beneficial virtues of aromatherapy to reunite body and mind.

Sisley Phyto-Aromatic Treatments are available in several versions, for face and body. Created with an extreme attention to detail, they are equipped with specific gestures to meet the needs of each skin and give it what it dreams of.

Expert Phyto-Aromatic Care

Tailor-made rituals, targeted results... Treatments for all skin types, all moments of life, all concerns, for your beauty and well-being.

Exceptional Phyto-Aromatic Treatments

Exceptional rituals, delicious sensoriality, combined with the effectiveness of the treatments to reshape the face, giving it a new youthfulness, a new radiance.

Phyto-Aromatic Body Care

Sisley body care products provide targeted answers to all needs, for the silhouette, relaxation and skin beauty.

Rituals with hammam

Steam, combined with eucalyptus essences whose properties are known to be soothing and decongestant, help to free the mind and let go.

The muscles relax and the pores of the skin open to better receive the care that follows.

The Fitness Room

The fitness room consists of an elliptical bike, a classic bike, a treadmill and a weight bench with different weights.

Open every day

Special offers Roches Blanches

Swim & Spa

Combine an exclusive moment of relaxation at the Sisley Spa with a day at Les Roches Blanches. Take advantage of our two swimming pools and our sea access to come and relax in an exceptional place.

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Afternoon & Spa

Let yourself be guided towards well-being and enjoy a Scoundrel moment.

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Lunch & Spa

Between a moment of relaxation at the spa and a lunch break at the restaurant, discover a real moment of relaxation.

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