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A unique Art Deco setting

We have chosen to restore the hotel Les Roches Blanches to its original Art Deco soul.

We cultivate this spirit of the Roaring Twenties every day and make it available to our guests for unforgettable experiences.

Joining our teams means being transported into this unique atmosphere and living up to the prestige of our customers.

Refinement and attention to detail

Our establishment is part of a tradition of French precision and luxury.

We leave nothing to chance to create timeless moments, and value initiative and creativity in order to go further each day in our effort to achieve quality and continuous improvement.

Our values

Index Annuel Egalité Professionnelle

L’Hôtel Les Roches Blanches affiche un index Egalité Femmes/ Hommes en 2022 (période de référence 01/01/2022 au 31/12/2022) de 88/100, décomposé comme suit :

Ecart de rémunération: 40
Ecart de répartition d’augmentations individuelles: 35
Ecart du taux de promotion: 0
Augmentation de salaire lors du retour de congé maternité : N/A
Parité parmi les dix plus hautes rémunérations: 0


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