To be an employee of the Roches Blanches Hotel ***** is to embody and transmit the spirit of an exceptional establishment
through the values of commitment, adaptability and creativity.

General tasks

Main responsibilities

Customer relations

- Is responsible for the satisfaction of the customers in his/her row
- Gives a warm and personal welcome to customers, calls the customer by his/her last name when he/she knows it
- Provides attentive service adapted to the customer's needs
- Is attentive to the customer's remarks and follows them up
- Establishes a good relationship with the customer, advises him/her and builds loyalty
- Promotes his/her catering offer

Business/production technology

- Participates and coordinates the service
- Organises and controls the work of his or her orderlies, apprentices and trainees
- Carries out and controls :
- the setting up of the point of sale and the back areas
- cleaning and tidying up the room and the back room after the service
- Informs himself/herself before the start of each service about the composition of the dishes and any shortages
- Adapts his/her organisation, work rhythm and interpersonal skills according to the number of customers and the type of customer
- Ensures the durability of the equipment at his/her disposal

Team management / cross-functional involvement

- Develops working methods in line with the philosophy of the Roches Blanches Hotel.
- Leads his teams on a daily basis and creates a good working atmosphere.
- Develops the skills of his employees and supports them in their professional development
- Manages his team
- Participates in the training of waiters, apprentices and trainees
- Integrates new employees into the restaurant
- Relays and enforces the instructions of the management

Commercial / Sales

- Is a source of proposals and advises the client on the various services
- Is attentive and respects the customer's request
- Develops the turnover of his/her point of sale thanks to additional sales techniques
- Contributes to the development of customer loyalty through his/her quality of service


- Is involved in achieving the objectives of his/her department:
- by respecting the procedures and internal controls applied in the hotel
- by developing sales
- Follows the procedures for invoicing and collection
- Contributes to the good management of the dishes and small equipment by avoiding breakage
- May be required to take part in inventories

Health / Safety / Environment

- Ensures the cleanliness of the workplace and food safety by complying with HACCP hygiene rules on a daily basis
- Respects the instructions for the use and safety of the equipment provided
- Applies the hotel's safety rules (fire, etc.)
- Respects the commitments of the "Environmental Charter" taken on the establishment (energy saving, recycling, waste sorting...)


Maître d'hôtel or Restaurant Manager

Profile required

- Is exemplary in his or her way of being and doing things, and embodies the hotel's state of mind.
- Contributes to overall customer satisfaction through the quality of his/her work.
- Is responsible for a sector of the restaurant and ensures its organisation, coordination and service.
- Ensures a quality welcome and service to customers at the various restaurant outlets.
- Develops the skills of his/her staff and supports them in their professional development
- Implements the hotel's service standards without fail.

Education / Work experience

- From CAP to Bac Pro Catering and/or any person motivated by this sector of activity, whatever their initial training, after validation of their aptitudes and motivations
- Languages: French and English

Skills / Qualities

A service attitude focused on customer experience, friendliness, attention to detail, sociability.
To achieve a harmonious attitude, ensure that each personality develops the qualities of
curiosity, openness, initiative and interpersonal skills.

- Sense of welcome, service and quality
- Salesperson
- Team leader
- Dynamic
- Good presentation
- Rigorous and organised

This description, which is not exhaustive, is by its very nature open-ended, taking into account the requirements linked to the organisation of the establishment

Your benefits

Meal allowances

Parking Badge

Coffee badge

Uniform provided

Accommodation with participation possible if available


Position to be filled as soon as possible