To be an employee of the Roches Blanches Hotel ***** is to embody and transmit the spirit of an exceptional establishment
through the values of commitment, adaptability and creativity.


General tasks

- Is exemplary in his or her way of being, doing and embodying the spirit of the hotel
- Creates a team spirit and is fair in his/her decisions.

- Leading the team through dynamism and being a source of ideas for its development.
- Apply the service standards inherent to the hotel

Main responsibilities

Customer relations

- Establishing excellent relations with customers and employees

Business / production technology

- Ensures the setting up of the pastry shop according to the activity
- Ensures that the preparation of desserts during the service runs smoothly
- Organises good coordination between the kitchen, the washing-up area and the various catering outlets
- Participates in the development of new desserts: Boutique style pastries // Cocktail pieces // Mounts and birthday cakes
- Participates in the end of month inventory
- Keeps abreast of new techniques in the business



- Participates, with the Head Pastry Chef, in the management of food and drink stocks,
- Ensures the proper use and durability of the equipment and materials entrusted to him/her,
- Makes a daily inventory of the products to be ordered and sends it to the Head Pastry Chef

Health / Safety / Environment

- Ensures the cleanliness of the workplace and food safety by complying with HACCP hygiene rules on a daily basis
- Respects the instructions for the use and safety of the equipment made available to him/her.
- Applies the hotel's safety rules (fire, etc.)
- Respects the commitments of the "Environmental Charter" taken on the establishment (energy saving, recycling, waste sorting...)


Pastry Chef

Profile required


Education / Work experience

- From CAP to BTS cuisine
Skills / Qualifications

A service attitude focused on the experience of our customers, friendliness, attention to detail, sociability.
To achieve a harmonious attitude, ensure that each personality develops qualities of curiosity, openness, initiative and interpersonal skills.

- Availability and reactivity
- Strength of proposal
- Creativity
- Attention to detail and quality
- Organisational skills
- Ability to work in a team
- Good physical and nervous resistance

- Dynamic


This description, which is not exhaustive, is by its very nature open-ended, taking into account the requirements linked to the organisation of the establishment


Meal allowances

Parking Badge

Coffee badge

Uniform provided

Possibility of accommodation with participation

9 avenue des Calanques